When you sign your tenancy agreement with Provanhall Housing Association, you are agreeing to pay the required rent for your property.  Your full rent due must be paid each month.  You may be entityled to help with your rent and further information is avaailble on this on teh following pages.

As a Landlord, we undertake to offer convenient options for paying rent, to use the rent wisely in managing and maintaining our properties and to act responsibly and helpfully in dealing with those who fall into arrears with their rent.

Please contact us immediately for assistance if you are experienceing any problems paying your rent.

How is my rent decided?

Rents charged are based on what is in the house e.g. number of bedrooms, back and front door, 2 toilets etc.  We must ensure that the rent charged allows us to be viable i.e. to be able to pay our management and manintenance costs.

We always aim to ensure that our rents are affordable for tenants, and we check that they are in line with the rent charges of other local Landlords.

Annually we set aside some of the rental income to pay for the longer term maintenance of the properties e.g. replacement kitchens, bathrooms and boilers.

Annual Rent Increases

The Assosciation can increase the rents once each year.  We will always consult with tenants before we increase the rent and your views will be taken into account by the Managment Committee before any final decison is made.  Rent Increases are normally applied on the 28th March each year.