Applying for a House

Who can apply?

You or anyone aged 16 years or over can apply to us for housing. 

How to apply?

Online -  Click here to  fill out our Application for Housing online.

Download Application - Click here to to download and print our Application for Housing. Once you have filled it out please post back or return to our office.

In Person - You collect and fill out an Application for Housing in our office.  Our staff will be able to assist you if you need any help to complete the application.

Request Application - You can also request an Application for Housing be posted to you by phone, text, email, via our website or in writing.

GDPR Fair Processing Notice & Privacy Policy
Please read our GDPR Fair Processing Notice which explains how we deal with your personal information.  Please also refer to our Privacy Policy for more information. 

Equality Information 

Please help us to plan and deliver better and effective services and to meet our legal and regulatory obligations by completing and returning the following voluntary equalities information form

What happens next?

We will write to you within 10 working days of receiving your application. This letter will tell you how we have assessed your application.  We tell you more details about this below.    

How do we assess your application for housing?

Applications are assessed under our Allocations Policy.  Our policy follows the principals of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 to ensure reasonable preference for housing is given to persons who:

  • Are homeless or threatened with homelessness;
  • Are living under unsatisfactory housing conditions;
  • Are occupying overcrowded houses;
  • Are living in sub-standard accommodation.

Applicant Groups: your application will be placed into 1 of the following 4 groups depending on your housing need and other factors:

  1. General Housing Needs;
  2. Social, Support & Location;
  3. Balanced Community;
  4. Homeless & Serious Housing Need.

Waiting Time

Your application will be based on waiting time.  This simply means the applicant who has waited the longest on each group will be the first to receive an offer of rehousing.

When will I get an offer of rehousing?

Demand for our homes is far larger than the number of empty homes that become available to offer you and other applicants.  Unfortunately this means we are unable to meet the needs, demands and aspirations of the majority of applicants on our housing list.  

However the benefit to you and other applicants of our waiting time policy is that no-one who applies after you in your group will be made an offer of rehousing before you. 

How will I get an offer of rehousing?

Applicants with the longest waiting time in 1 of the 4 groups will be offered a suitable empty home first.  When you are at the top, or near the top, of your group staff from the Association will visit you at home to make sure we have all your up to date information.  For example, proof of residency and employment.  

Tenancy checks will also be carried out with any current or previous landlord before we make you an offer of rehousing.

Anything else I should know?

To make things easier for you we now have a joint Application for Housing with Blairtummock Housing Association.  This means you can apply to one or both Associations by filling out just one form.

We will also provide to you a copy of the Associations full Allocations Policy free of charge if you want one. 

What other housing options do I have?

We can give you advice on other housing options that may be available, or even more suitable, to your needs and circumstances.  These options may include:

  • disabled adaptations;
  • mutual exchange with another tenant (either locally or across the UK);
  • applying for an internal transfer;
  • applying to other social landlords;
  • applying for specialist housing (older people, disability or particular needs);
  • accessing the private rented sector;
  • low cost home ownerships schemes. 

Homeless? About to become homeless?

If you require homelessness advice and assistance, during office hours, then you should contact Health and Social Care Connect on 0141 287 0555. You can also request homelessness assistance on-line at

If you require assistance after 4.45pm Monday to Thursday or 3.55pm on a Friday or weekends and public holidays, then please contact the Emergency Out of Hours Homelessness Service on 0800 838 502.

Click here to view the Homeless or About To Be booklet by Glasgow City Council.

You can also visit the Glasgow City Council Homelessness Page at