Reporting Antisocial Behaviour 

How do I report antisocial behaviour?
Please report any antisocial behaviour complaints affecting you, your family or your visitors to your housing officer.  You do not have to put up with living next to a noisy or nuisance neighbour. Or be subjected to any type of abuse or harassment.  We take all antisocial complaints seriously and we will act quickly. 

Who else can help me? 
Police Scotland is responsible for dealing with criminal and other serious types of complaints. It is important and in your own interest to contact Police Scotland as they can respond immediately to your complaint.  They will also provide to your housing officer reports which confirm your complaint.  These independent reports corroborate your complaint and provide evidence for staff to action.  This evidence can later be crucial for a Sheriff when deciding to evict your neighbour. 
If the behaviour is criminal in nature, happening now & an emergency:  
-Call Police Scotland on 999

If the behaviour is criminal in nature, but has already happened and not an emergency: 
-Call Police Scotland on 101 

If the behaviour is about out of hours noise happening now:  
-Call Antisocial Behaviour Noise Service (5pm – 3am) on 0141 287 6688