Bugs and Insects

The warmer weather brings with it an increase in the number of insects to the garden and the home.  Flies, fleas, ants, beetles, spiders and other “bugs” will be arriving searching for food so here are some tips on how to control the most common crawlies if you get some in your house.

Bugs & Insects Leaflet


They are most likely to be found in the kitchen, as this is close to available food, but they can be found elsewhere in the house, such as soft furnishings, where children may spill food crumbs, in a sofa for example.  


If you are unfortunate enough to find that you have an infestation of beetles your first course of action will be to clean the house thoroughly, paying particular attention to vacuuming the wall/floor junction, pull out the cooker and clear any food spillages/debris which you may find.


The good news is that garden ants are not 'Public Health' pests.  The bad news is that they are a real nuisance and very difficult to get rid of. 


You can carry out treatment against ants yourself but you have to be thorough.  Apply a residual insecticide for crawling insects which you will be able to buy at many DIY supermarkets and garden centres. 

Apply it to wherever ants can enter your home.  Inside your house you should apply the insecticide behind the sink unit, skirting boards, around doors and window frames. Please read the label and follow the instructions on any pesticide you chose.

Please note that Provanhall Housing Association and Glasgow City Council Pest Control do not carry out any work relating to insects as they are not caused by the property and do not cause any major health issues.  

Most infestations are due to weather and environmental issues and can be easily brought under control with an increased hygiene action and use of insecticides available from most good DIY stores and supermarkets.