Emergency Repairs

If you have an emergency repair i.e. there is a danger to health or safety, please call 0141 771 4941.  This is a 24/7, 365 days a year telephone line for emergency repairs. 

Examples of emergency repairs are:

  • Internal Gas leak. (beyond the meter);
  • No electricity or electrical faults that may endanger occupants of property; 
  • Lighting fault to internal bathrooms;
  • No water supply;
  • Water burst or flooding (not drips);
  • House or flat entrance door insecure;
  • Loss of heating where no other form of heating is available; 
  • Blockage or no flushing of the only toilet;
  • Smashed glazing (entrance doors or windows).  Where only a single pane of a double glazed unit is smashed, it may be treated as an urgent repair.

Please note if you use this number out of hours to report a repair that is not an emergency you may be recharged for the cost of the call-out plus any other expenses. More information on rechargeable repairs can be found in the documents section of the website.