Estate Management 

What is estate management?
Estate Management involves our staff and our contractors, plus statutory and partner agencies, working together to proactively manage our properties, common areas and the local environment.   This means Provanhall continues to remain an attractive and well-maintained area.   

Why deal with estate management?
The appearance of the local environment has a big impact on the quality of life within communities and on the wellbeing of residents.  Effective estate management means residents can enjoy a clean and peaceful environment.  If we don’t manage the area affectively, it becomes run down and environmental antisocial behaviour will increase.  Current residents may then want to leave and potential future residents may not want to live in Provanhall.  This all has serious and negative implications both for the area and the association.

What is environmental antisocial behaviour?
The Scottish Government definition of environmental antisocial behaviour includes: 
  • graffiti;
  • fly-tipping;
  • littering and waste dumping;
  • dog fouling;
  • vandalism / criminal damage;
  • abandoned vehicles.

What are the benefits of effective estate management?
  • protects the Association’s investment by maintaining our properties and the local environment; 
  • provides clear rights and responsibilities for staff and tenants in order to achieve and maintain high property and environment standards; 
  • ensures there are fair and effective policies and procedures for dealing with estate management issues or problems, including environmental antisocial behaviour, that also adhere to legal requirements and good practice; 
  • encourages positive and productive relationships between the Association and its tenants and residents by adopting both a proactive and prompt reactive response to estate management problems;
  • partnership working with contractors and statutory or partner agencies to ensure they meet their legal or contractual obligations to provide high standards of service e.g. communal close cleaning contractor and Glasgow City Council Land and Environmental Services Department regarding cleansing services and open space maintenance etc.